Alien Ape Invasion Club
May 19, 202212 min read
Alien Ape Invasion Club

Last Updated: September 20, 2022


Alien Ape Invasion Club 

War has been started and people got crazy, killing each other and destroying the civilizations that they have built for years. Meanwhile, Bored Apes have left the Earth to explore the Otherside galaxy, seeking for an alliance to take back control of the Earth, stop the war and spread the peace again. Due to a bug in the navigation calculations, the spaceship has drifted towards a supermassive Black Hole which sent the spaceship near to a new planet that Bored Apes have never heard about. The leader of Bored Apes have commanded the crew to be ready to meet an expected life on this planet. 

"Even if we come in peace seeking allies,  it might be the citizens of this planet, preserve it as an act of war, and they start to defend their planet. So, be prepared for the worst,  but still hope for the best and don't overreact" He said.

What happened later, was a big surprise! Bored Apes have landed on Apelion (The name of the planet, pronounced like billion not Ape Lion). Apelion citizens gave them a warm welcome that was not expected. When Bored Apes leader met the Apelion leader, he found out that Apelion citizens have waited this moment for a long time. As it's turned out that Apelion citizens have an old prophecy tells them that they will have visitor Apes from a planet called Earth, seeking for help, and they have to give them a hand in their sufferance. And they have tried to explore the space without any chance to find the way to this Earth planet, until they started to disbelieve in this prophecy. Here, the Bored Apes leader interrupted him and explained how they found the way to Apelion and how they had to go through a supermassive Black Hole to reach Apelion.

Don't worry! You will have our whole Army under your command. We are going to invade the NFT space, take full control and spread again the peace! Apelion leader said.  

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1. This project is designed to be one of the highest ranked projects in the NFT space in general and eventually the highest one on Polygon, opening the way for all projects on Polygon blockchain to get hyped. For a year now, Ethereum blockchain monopolized the expensive/high ranked NFT projects. With huge funds were put on gas fee instead of using it to build up the communities and offer the investors more values. For example: More than $150M Burned in Gas Fees During Otherside NFT Mint. It's time now, for all investors in the NFT space to support Polygon "The fast and gas free blockchain". And this project is planned to create a great showcase of a well planned project with real utilities/benefits for investors. 

2. Give an opportunity for people who fall in love with Bored Ape Yacht Club, but don't afford it, to be able to own Alien Apes from Apelion + a fraction of the original Bored Ape (details described in the utility section below).

3. Give a hand to all business owners investing in this project to get free promotion in return of exclusive discounts to our holders (details described in the utility section below). 

4. Build up a very active community!


Why Apes?

Before Bored Ape Yacht Club, there was a collection called CryptoPunks which was the most expensive NFT in the space and that's because it's considered the 1st NFT collection released in 2017. So, people understand why it's so expensive and from where it has its value. But what Bored Apes have made, was an epic! Bored Apes were not only a collection that people fall in love with, so it becomes the highest ranked collection and have beaten all other collections, not at all! We could have seen Bored Ape as a competitor when we started together one year ago. But actually, Bored Apes/Yuga Labs were our leaders that have made this industry prospered, opened the way to all collections after, for great success, encouraged many people to get in the NFT space. We believe that if it wasn't for Bored Apes, many NFT companies wouldn't exist today! 

That's why we are paying homage to Bored Apes/Yuga Labs with this collection. We are not affiliated with Yuga Labs, even if we would like to! If Yuga Labs paid attention to Polygon, it would have boosted the blockchain. But as Yuga Labs hasn't shown any interest in Polygon, we are taking the lead there. And if there is a project that will do to Polygon the same what Bored Apes have done to Ethereum, we believe it shall have the genetics from Bored Apes. And that's why Apelion Apes! 



All utilities are run through Discord and all announcements are published through Twitter. So before you forget and continue reading, join our Discord and follow our Twitter accounts Originative's Twitter, AAIC's Twitter and don't forget to click 🔔 to get all notifications. 

To comply with the goals mentioned above, this project is offering multiple utilities:

1.   Royalty: The royalty of this project is 10% and 100% of the royalty goes to Apes holders in terms of community funds to be used in the following forms.

2.   Staking: Apes holders who agree to disable the sell functionality and hold their Apes for long time, they will receive $Apelion tokens. They can use these tokens to buy more NFTs from our marketplace or swap it to $ETH using the staking liquidity pool which will be created using the community funds. Of course, they will be still able to enable the sell functionality again later and stop staking/receiving $Apelion tokens 

3.   Community assets: A part of the community funds will be invested to buy the original Bored Apes and Mutant Apes, and all benefits will be distributed among Apelion Citizens holders. 

4.   Marketing/Discounts: This project is the 1st NFT project using marketing as a utility. Business owners who are holding Apelion Citizens will be offered free marking to our community in return of offering exclusive discounts to the rest of Apelion Citizens holders. Marketing is really a tough job, so we will help you as an Ape holder to market for your physicals or NFT/Crypto products, and that's a great utility for you as a business owner. On the other side, Apes holders who are not business owners will still have a great utility to receive exclusive discounts on physical or NFT/Crypto products.   

5.   NFT Marketplace: After releasing this project, we are turning our Originative marketplace to a Polygon marketplace run using $Apelion tokens. Apes holders who are developing good NFT polygon projects, will be offered free listing in our marketplace. 100% of the sales fee will be distributed among $Apelion tokens holders.    

6.   Metaverse: A part of the community funds will be invested to own lands in the metaverse where Apes holders will be able to enter events free of charge. And if we make it possible for non-Apes holders to join, they will need to pay a certain fee that will be entirely distributed among Apelion Citizens holders. Also, if developer is an Ape holder, he/she will be offered an opportunity to build on our land plot/s and get a license fee when we manage to sell his/her designs. 

7.   Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO): Holding an Ape gives you a voice to vote for future community decisions.

8.   Private channels: Discord is the master. All discounts for Physical or NFT/Crypto products will be shared exclusively to private channels only accessible by Apes holders. As well as, voting for decisions will be through these private channels. The only way to get access to these private channels is by going to #collabland-join channel at our Discord, follow instructions there and connect your wallet to get verified. No direct messages (DMs)! 

9.   Encouraging active holders: To build something big, it's the responsibility of everyone in this great community to do his/her best to hype this project. But also, to match the goals of this project, we are offering a part of the community funds to reward the noticed active members who strive to get this project to the moon, or to be more correct "to the Earth" as they are aliens 👽 😂



In this section, we are giving a spotlight to our plan.


2023 Q2

•   Marketing & NFT and WL Giveaways

•   Minting

•   Revealing & Rarity

•   Encouraging active holders: this doesn't have a specific time frame, it will start during minting until forever.


2023 Q3

•   Private Channels

•   Focus on post launch marketing & holding community events

•   Open for partnerships which serve our main goal


2023 Q4 

•   Creating $Apelion tokens

•   Staking & DAO

•   Open for physical and NFT/Crypto marketing for business owners & discounts for Apes holders


2024 Q1

•   Metaverse

  Open our marketplace for Apes holders who have good NFT projects 

•   Start owning original Bored Apes & Mutant Apes


Note: We are doing our best and that means we could implement things before its time frame which will be good for the community.



•   Staking is planned to be implemented in a way to generate $Apelion tokens without your apes leaving your wallet.

•   Rare Apes will generate more $Apelion tokens.

•   Your NFT metadata is hosted forever on the IPFS the distributed web with a unique CID.



The frequently asked questions are up to date answered in FAQs section of our website.


Official links

Please use only the following official channels, and be careful of scams:

•   Contract Address: 0x667570ae3212dc0cf98b46ccf151011ff310949b 

•   Collection Page on Rarible

•   Collection Page on OpenSea 

•   Our verified account on Rarible

•   Community Marketplace on Rarible (0% trading fee)

•   Collection Page on our Marketplace 

•   Collection Page on Refinable

•   Collection Page on Mintverse

•   Collection Page on TofuNFT

•   Originative's Twitter 

•   AAIC's Twitter 

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